NFL, Tesla, NBC, BBC, Grammy’s Warner Brothers, Nike, Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense

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Michael has worked with many amazing brands to insure their mission success! He has worked with the White House, NFL, Tesla, NBC, BBC, Grammy’s, Warner Brothers, NIke, Michael Page, Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense. He also architected and led teams for the federal government for USAF, HHS and VA. Early on, as a design engineer at Microsoft, he helped to create and roll out the first versions of the .Net Framework.  He believes that to succeed in sales a company must understand its true value proposition and incorporate that into a story. Then, and most critically, they must live out that story. Michael is the co-founder of Dark Yeti consulting group.  He loves learning and teaming with clients to solve big challenges. Michael spends his spare time exploring the outdoors with his wife Sheree, their 5 children and grandchildren.

Why Us?

In addition to all Michael's experience we can also provide strategic introductions, partnerships and paths to success, unique to your market, product and services.